Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Be prepared for more of this to come...my brain just works in lists!

1.  I saw an infomercial the other day for a program to teach babies to read.  It was really kinda impressive - these little ones who could barely talk were reading flash cards.  Craziness.  BUT, if we're going to teach infants to do anything beyond their God given skill level, I vote we work on the ability to BLOW.  Blow your nose little baby girl.  You hate the sucker bulb, I hate the sucker bulb, it's just no fun for anyone.  So, creative people of entrepreneurial America, get to work.  I promise I'd buy the DVD.

2.  Going to the pediatricians office for 'well-baby' check-ups feels like my periodic performance review.  It's not about the babes.  It's about me.  Am I doing a good job?  Have I neglected something?  Are you proud of me?  Do I get to keep my job?  Oh, the stress.  Today was so stressful, in fact, that I locked my keys in the stinking car.  (I didn't tell the doctor, so he still said I was doing a good job.)  The girls did great.  They are healthy and beautiful and flirts.  They are on all the charts - fifth - tenth percentile of all measurable things.  Perfect.  I, on the other hand, sweat through my t-shirt and cried after I finally got in the car.  (Not really, I don't cry.  I do, however, sweat.)

3.  I have decided to try to channel my baby A a little more often.  That girl can lose her breath laughing so hard at a mere glance in her direction, a raised eyebrow, a ceiling fan.  Her whole body gets into it.  If she could be upright, she would double over in laughter, 14 times a day.  I want to be like her.

4.  One of my besties (see About Me section) is coming to visit in 45 hours.  I am abnormally excited.  I've made lists about making lists to prepare for their arrival (she has a sweet lil pumpkin 3 weeks older than the babes!).  And then, the most exciting part is that our moms are coming to spend the weekend - we get to go play!!  Just us big girls!!!  I think maybe we'll go to Target.  Or maybe a grocery store.  Or maybe just sit in a quiet car and chat.  Ah, how the definition of an outing has changed!  In the meantime, I'm praying for their airplane ride.  Sweating and praying.  Ugh, it's like a performance review for her by 100's of random strangers.  Yikes.

5.  I am feeling undeservedly blessed today.  The tragedy in Japan, stories of unthinkable loss, those in chronic pain...I can't help but try to wrap my mind around those things that you just can't wrap your mind around.  His ways are not our ways. 

I'm liking getting this all out on "paper".  Thanks for spending a moment out of your day indulging my need to share it with someone.  And, by the way, Kate whispered in my ear at the 10 feeding last night and asked me to please swaddle her.  I did.  She just wanted to try out the flailing and had already had enough for one night.  Baby steps to loose limbs.

Nighty, night, don't let the bed bugs bite.

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