Sunday, March 27, 2011


What a week!!!  Times are a changing!  I swear, you blink, and they are just different!!  These little girls...we've had some firsts! 

1.  Sweet Kate rolled over.  It was as if she were saying, "There, is that what you've been whining to all your friends about?!".  If she could have given me the bird, I think she would have!  She rolled over on Friday while we were at the clinic for a quick visit.  It has been repeated...don't worry, she's normal.
2.  We set up the second crib, and this will be the third night that the girls have slept alone.  I had a hard time...they didn't seem to notice.  I left the back bumper off of each crib in case they needed to see each other...they didn't seem to notice.  Next change will be to lose the swaddle.  I'm sad...they probably won't notice.

3.  We busted out the exersaucer.  Kate has LOVED the mat with the activity bars overhead.  She could lay there for hours (ok, she has...) and laughs at the hanging birds and little song every time like it's brand new.  Lauren hates it.  She's bored.  She uses the hanging birds as something to hang on to as she pushes herself off the mat to go explore.  We put her in the exersaucer and I thought her eyes were going to bust out of her head and her face break from her big smile!  She couldn't take it in fast enough.  She also couldn't touch with her little feet, but didn't seem to mind. 

We've had a fun weekend!  Dan and I just marvel at how quickly they learn and grow and change.  Lovin' it.

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