Monday, March 21, 2011


My cousin is my best friend.  There, I said it.  We go to great links to disguise this fact from many friends, colleagues, acquaintances, etc., but it's true.  Why, you ask, do we feel a small sense of shame from this fact?  It lends itself to the fear that you might think that we can't make friends unless forced into social situations with them (holidays, bathtubs as children, family vacations, etc).  I assure you that it's not true.  I've made other friends, she has plenty of friends, we just happen to share the tightest of friendships...and some DNA.  Whatever, I'm over it, judge if you must!

Well, she came to play this weekend!!  It had been entirely too long.  Oh sure, we'd seen each other at many holidays, and weekends at home, but this was quality hang out time.  Having our moms here to babysit the 3 babes was perfect for us too.  I think the moms were surprised that we just wanted babysitters so that we could bake, run to the grocery store, get a pedicure, eat one meal out...I think they were hoping we would get up in the morning, leave them with those sweet babies, and come back late that night.  Nope, that's just not really our idea of a good time anymore.  Chocolate souffle, an apple pie, and some delish cookies...freshly rubbed feet and painted toes...a meal eaten while hot that someone else prepared - now this is a good time!!!

Mine are those pasty white dogs....yikes!

It must be repeated soon.  We just recharge well together. 

While spending time with Amanda was my "mom who needs a break with her bestie" favorite part, watching our babies "play" together was my real favorite part.  I've watched my girls begin to interact with each other over the last few weeks.  They make eye contact and smile.  They reach out and touch, scratch or take each others pacifiers.  They "talk" their creepy twin baby language to each other.  It's all just precious and has been my favorite development so far.  But, this weekend, I got to watch them interact with a new baby.  Sweet Kendall is 3 weeks older than they are.  He's taller, stronger, does more tricks, and they just could hardly peel their eyes off of him.


It was all just so sweet.  Sure, there were tears, there were scratches, there were a lot of babies in one living room.  It was wonderful.  You can't help but have dreams and wishes and plans for your babies.  After this weekend, I hope that they share well, are kind, laugh easily, and become good friends with their relatives.

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  1. Love your blog today! What a hoot!! It was fun watching all the babies watch each other. I think it would be awesome to "get in their heads" and see what they are thinking. Do they think all grandmas are whacko, do they get tired of babytalk, to they really want to rollover (or is it just an accident?)??? Fun stuff....loved every minute of it!