Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dare to Compare

Lauren on the left, Kate on the right

Our sweet babes look alike.  Yes, we can tell them apart, they have some very distinctive features, but they do look alike.  They are twins.  They are the same age (to the minute) and the same size (within 6 ounces).  They eat at the same time, they sleep at the same time...It is, therefore, only natural to compare these two little animals.

They are as different as can be!  They sound different - Lauren, a funny little barky cry and quiet giggle; Kate, a cry that makes you want to cry with her (vibrato, a lot of vibrato) and a full out chuckle.  Kate could lay in your arms to hear a story for hours at a time.  Lauren would find a way to wiggle out of your arms without you getting to..."I do not like them, Sam I Am".  Lauren rolled over from tummy to back 2 months ago, she's almost rolling from back to tummy.  Kate, to this day, struggles for a second while on her tummy then lays her little (ok, pretty big, actually) head down and makes her sweet little baby noises.  Kate makes eye contact for so long that you start to feel self-conscious (do I have something in my teeth, what, little girl, what?!).  Lauren can't take in her surroundings quickly enough, and glances at your eyes like she glances at the picture frame on the TV stand. 

This all makes me crazy.  I have picked apart their differences since the day one had orange-y poop and the other green-ish.  Who's normal?  Who's weird?  Who's a little slow?  I know they are both perfectly normal.  They are healthy and happy little girls.  We are blessed.  In fact, I love that they are so different.  Hopefully their differences will prevent some of the inevitable comparisons that they will hear for years to come.  So, I'll continue to count our blessings and stop counting the ways they are so unique.  Exhibit A....

Look closely.  They started out side by side.  Kate has moved about 2 inches.  Finding Lauren...a little game of "Where's Waldo"!

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