Tuesday, August 13, 2013

All of a Sudden

You know...the 'all of a sudden' that takes three years to arrive.  The 'all of a sudden' that you'll miss if you're not careful.  The 'all of a sudden' that will probably change tomorrow.

But, all of the sudden, things are a little easier in these here parts.  Yes, there are still three under three and a new business to grow.  Yes, Dan and I are still trying to figure out who WE are, and somehow turn three blobs into human beings in the process.  Yes, I know a JINX is waiting for me tomorrow.  BUT...all of a sudden things like this happen:

**sometimes we sleep through the night.  We still have to work REALLY hard at bedtime, and morning still starts WAY earlier than I'd like, but, for all intents and purposes...WE SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT!

**yesterday, one time, I peed by myself.  And I didn't even lock myself in.  The door was open, but no one came in to check on me/be held/try to unroll the TP/...nothin'.

**Jack can run a spoon!  I usually just 'slop' his high chair tray anyway, but for things like yogurt and rice and oatmeal we were still spoon feeding him.  Not anymore, folks!  It's a disaster, it requires a hose to recover from, but, Jack runs a spoon.

**They give a little.  For almost three years, there's been a whole lotta take.  Sure, they smile at me, and when it really hurts they yell for 'Momma!', but over and above they are little mooches who only take.  But last night as I was snuggling with Lauren, she petted my face and said, 'Momma, you're my best friend.'  And sometimes when I tell them that I love them, they say it back.  And Jack will waddle right over to me and tilt his little face up for a kiss.  That's giving, friends.  That's a whole lot of filling my love tank WAY up.

**They play together.  Without me in the room.  Nicely.  For longer than 45 seconds.  Sometimes.

**The girls can be trusted to obey well enough to walk into stores just holding my hand.  This one's huge.  I don't have to park right beside the cart return, load them all up, and wear Jack to go grocery shopping.  Now, I carry Jack, hold one girl hand who holds another girl hand, and WE JUST WALK IN.  Yes, we stop traffic.  Yes, someone always comments about my hands being full.  Yes, it makes some people in busy parking lots nervous...but not me.  We walk in, boys!  I still sweat a lot.  It's still not among my favorite weekly chores.  But it's a whole lot easier than it was two months ago!

This all is said to update you on where we are.  Basically, the kids are grown, and I'm thinking of taking up tennis and cross stitching to fill my day.  (Ha!)

This is for the Mommas who are not yet at their 'all of a sudden' moment.  It comes.  It comes so gradually and so very freaking slowly, that you might miss it.  You cannot predict it.  Repeat after me: You cannot predict it.  Quit trying to calculate the ages of my babies...it won't be the same for you.  But it will come.  And it'll make you really, really happy.  And it'll give you time, finally, to teach that 14 month old #3 brand new, never been mentioned before things...like, this is your nose!  Cows go 'moo'.  Can you say 'Momma'?


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