Thursday, December 5, 2013


Boutique shopping intimidates me.  Rather, the super cute girls that work in boutiques intimidate me.  That coupled with my most utilized clothing items being of the cheap yoga (stretchy) variety, and my kids needing only clothes that paint and red dirt can't destroy....I mostly avoid all of the cute little boutique shops here.

I've lived here over a year...I finally went in recentlly!  And here's what I learned:

1.  Boutique owners are small business owners (just like us!) just peddling different stuff.  They are trying to make a buck and maybe have a creative outlet.

2.  Small boutiques have WAY more 'Made in USA' and even 'Made in Oklahoma' things than Target...go figure.

3.  The women who work there were never once anything but kind and helpful.  They're not better than me, they're trendier than me!  (I am 100% certain that if I tried to pull off that cute little headband worn like a sweat band I would channel Richard Simmons, not an Olsen twin.)

Exhibit A

4.  Shopping is fun!  Even if you don't buy, even if you don't even like anything in that store, it was so good for me to change my go to a new place.  To take 30 minutes for myself on a Mother's Day Out day and not clean or do office work.

Go shop locally!  Spend an extra $5...It feels at least $5 good.

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