Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wellness Wednesday - Season of Sick

Maybe it's always been this way, but it seems to me that sicknesses have a designated season now more than ever.  Flu Season.  RSV Season.  Pneumonia Season.

I find this so interesting.  Can't we just call it - 'You're More Susceptible' Season?  The 'bugs' aren't more prevalent, we are just a more willing host this time of year!

Here's the recipe to ensure some downtime:

Less Sun (source of Vitamin D)
Less Water 
More Stress
More Sugar
A Willing Host, A Happy Home, A 'Cootie's' Playground, if you will...

So, what do we do about it?!  We change the formula!  

Go outside, when you can.  Show some skin while you're outside, when you can.  We use a whole food line of supplements to supplement our vitamin D when we can't be outside as often.  

Drink more water.  I struggle with this in the cooler months.  I could drink coffee or hot tea all day long.  And while you get some hydration from caffeine free teas, there's no substitute for a drink of water.  I am very intentional about it for me and the kids.  For the kids, water is their only option for a beverage, ever.  For me, I just get out a glass for water when I make my first cuppa in the morning and I make myself match each coffee or tea with a glass of water.

Decrease sugar.  So, so hard, isn't it???  This is not rocket science...we all know we would weigh less and feel better if we'd stop eating sugary foods - and yet, it's hard.  If you would have seen me at Thanksgiving, you would definitely call this pot the kettle.  It's just so GOOD, isn't it?!  Here's what we have to do...  Remember how it will make us feel/be susceptible to.  Try bites of our favorite things, skip the mindless munching. the buzz kill guest and bring a healthy option to parties.

Decrease stress.  We are making a big movement toward this over here.  We are being very intentional to let the things we say yes to, the parties and open houses and gift exchanges, be well thought out and selective.  We are also making this season about Jesus instead of keep up with the Jones'.  In doing this, I have realized that the hustle and bustle of this season is 100% self inflicted.  It's ok to say no, it's ok to give a gift card, it's ok to bring the cups and napkins instead of a baked good - it's really ok.

So, it's simple on paper, isn't it?  Here's the key...take one healthy step each day.  Don't make this yet another thing on your to do list - just tuck it away in a safe corner of your mind and let it help you make better choices.

My Medicine Cabinet for the Season of Sick:

Thieves - Young Living Essential Oil - I LOVE this one.  It has a proven track record, it smells good, it WORKS, it has many applications.  It's my go to oil and first thing I reach for when boogers arrive on the scene.  (You can order this through me if you'd like to try it.  I'm happy to let you try a bottle at my distributor cost!)

Boiron Homeopathic Treatments - You can pick these up at most pharmacies.  This is the only cough syrup (besides just a spoonful of honey) that we use.  

The Neti Pot - I cannot tout it's praises loudly enough.  It's awesome.  Do it.  And let your kids try it...mine shocked the socks off of me and are neti pot PROs.  They love it...weirdos.  (Read the warnings, clean the pot well, don't be stupid.)

Immuplex and Cod Liver Oil - from Standard Process.

Stay Healthy, my friends,

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  1. Hi there. I know this is so random and unrelated to your post, but would you mind praying for me? I came across your blog and need prayer for true faith and repentance and love of truth. Thank you