Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wellness Wednesday - Movember

We must take good care of our menfolk, huh, ladies?! I jokingly tell Dan often that if I should die, he needs to remarry THE NEXT DAY! Grieve in private. Grieve me for years...but you add a woman back into this house...THE NEXT DAY!

Between the nighttime deafness and the inability to find anything, anytime, Mommas are important to daddys.

But, daddys are so important to babies (and the mommas, too!). So we gotta keep them healthy!

Movember. No Shave November.

Are you familiar with this idea? Men quit shaving for a month and do it for a cause (so that we can't beg them to shave!)

Men's health really does get neglected on the public arena. We know all about Pap smears and mammograms, but no body wants to talk about men's health.

And I don't really either, so I'm not going to. Here's what I will do...a couple tips, if you will.

1. Learn about the issues. Testicular cancer is an untalked about condition that mostly affects men in their 30-40's. Read about it, then tell your man about it.

Time out: Wait, first, some rules:
- I am merely passing along information, I'm no expert
- Stop thinking about it
- Do NOT comment on Facebook
- Don't ask me about it...Google it.
- Stop thinking about it
- I'm sorry ...or...
- You're welcome
- I don't want to talk about it

Here it goes.

2. Guys who have lots of sex have fewer men's health issues. (Especially prostate problems, it's real, google it.)

There, I said it.
Stop thinking about it.


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