Friday, November 15, 2013

Not as Impressive

People stopped and tried to do math in their head when I used to say we had three under two.  People whistled and gave me a pat on the back when I used to say we had three under three.

It's just no big thang anymore, people.  We now have three, three and under.

Kate and Lauren turned 3!

This was my favorite birthday to date.  They were PUMPED.  The rest of us (Dan, Jack and me) all have a birthday within three weeks of each other in May and June.  It was a lot of celebrating shotgun style...and the girls noticed that not one of those parties were for THEM.  So, they started in with "It's almost my happy birthday" about June 15.  Folks, that's a really long count down to November 1.  They knew how many people had birthdays each month and marked them off an imaginary list...each moving them closer to theirs.

They asked for bikes.  And scooters.  And babies.  And new 'jams.

Their bicycle dreams came true!  It was just like Christmas morning...little 'oh my gosh!'s, and 'for ME?!'s and 'look, Daddy, look!'s.  If you look closely one has a lilac body and the other a pink.  There was not one second of hesitation on whose was whose.  Kate is pink, Lauren is purple.  Duh.

Lauren took off immediately...cruisin'.  Kate started out by EITHER being able to pedal OR steer.  It was a rough two days, but she's got it now!

We had a friends pumpkin painting party, and a family pizza party, and balloons and cakes and presents, oh my!  

Oh, nothin'...just Rapunzel and Snow White teeter-tottering...

I just can't help but make it a little about me.  It was my third anniversary of motherhood, ya'll!  I'm so in love with these girls.  They are unique and funny and the same and sensitive and clumsy and so, so strong.  They are perfect...

I am so truly blessed.


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