Tuesday, December 17, 2013

You're So Vain...

Really, I'm so vain.  For a while now, I have wanted someone to capture in photos a typical day at our house.  It's not glamorous or exciting, but I know this season is so short and really, it's amazing.  I wanted someone to freeze time for me...so that when they are busy and out of the house and on to other things, I'll remember.  Or when they have babies underfoot and feel lonely at times in that, I can show them what it looked like for me.

That...and I want witnesses!  I wanted someone to see what the double jogger loaded up and Jack on my chest for our morning walk looks like!  I wanted proof that the hour before Dan walks in is indescribable in the combined needs of the three hungry, bored, tired, cranky kidlets...that getting dinner ready is a circus event.  That I sometimes hide by sitting on the kitchen floor because it's out of the direct line of sight and that somehow makes them forget that I'm right there and that they need to be 'UP'.  I wanted proof that while, yes, I always have a to do list and a few projects going - they halt 14 times a day to read to a baby or kiss a boo-boo or just snuggle.  And, as gross as it is...I hate that there is no proof that 8 times out of 10, I have a baby on my lap when I go pee.

Well, my friend Sandy came to visit.  There was a witness to a typical day...and a few times, she picked up a camera.  (Don't worry, not one is of a bathroom)


"On every level of life, from housework to heights of prayer, in all judgment and efforts to get things done, hurry and impatience are sure marks of the amateur." - Evelyn Underhill quoted in 'One Thousand Gifts'

I'm an amateur, but I'm learning...


  1. It kinda makes me sad to think that I too must be an amateur. After 7 1/2 years and 3 kids I should be more patient and not in such a hurry. I blame it on working full time with my own business, adding too many things to my plate, but in reality I need to just enjoy the time that we are in. The pictures are fun! I so get the hour before hubby comes home. Joe gets home and everything is calm and cleaned up, but he doesn't see the madness that is dinner and baths. You are doing good! Keep on Keeping on! :-)

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