Saturday, July 30, 2011

4:36...1...dos...8 and a half...

4:36.  In the am!  That's when we left Albuquerque yesterday.

1.  The number of adults in the car.

dos.  The number of babes in the car.  (in Spanish)

8 and a half.  The number of hours we were in the car until we got to Dodie and Pop's.

It was my maiden voyage cross country (not really) with the babes all by my lonesome.  They did GREAT!!  My biggest fear was potty time for Momma...turns out this once-upon-a-time-semi-sorta-not-really farm girl can still pee in the weeds.  We unloaded into the back of the car a couple of times to stretch out and have a snack and change diapers; it was one of those times that when no one stopped to see if we were ok stranded on the side of the road...I was grateful.  Keep right on movin' down the road, farmer, sir...nothin' to see here!  They were nice and not so loud and took naps and sang and played and didn't make me regret my decision.  Thank you, B's!

I, of course, forgot to take pictures.  I was slightly anxious the whole time.  Documentation never crossed my mind.  Here's one washin' the stink off after our day in the car:

The Driver.

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