Tuesday, July 19, 2011


It has begun.  I say "no" 400 times a day.  Poor Lu (the Prince formerly know as Lauren). 

This weekend my friend Dana came to visit.  The girls performed well...smiling, playing, being sweet to the babysitter so that we could all go out for dinner...it was a fun weekend!  But, I learned for the first time that not only does Lauren know what 'no' means, she also knows how to throw a tantrum!!  Eight months, people!!

Scenario:  Dana and I were looking at some websites on my laptop together, sitting on the living room floor.  The girls were feet away playing with their toys.  Before long, Lu snuck over and sat and watched us for a while.  Then, her little hands were on the computer...then pushing lots of buttons...then she was slobbering all over the keys.  I said, "No, Lu", and moved her hands off and set her a few feet away.  Instantly, she was back!  This time, trying to be sneaky!!!  She would look right at me and stretch her little hand over to the keys.  I would say "no", she would stop.  She would try again, I would say "no"...you get it.  It was fun for about 30 seconds, then she started getting mad.  She would wait for the word "no" and then stick out her little lip and bark at me.  Eventually, full blown meltdown.  As wrong as it is, I love a meltdown (when it's in the privacy of my own home)!  Picture it (and you have to, because Grandma Terry refuses to let me post any more pictures of crying!!).  Little tiny baby, sitting up with both legs out in front of her.  Gets mad.  Starts to cry, then folds at the waist and puts her little face right into the carpet.  Poor baby.

I knew it would happen.  I knew there would be a season of my life when "no" was on every breath.  I had no idea it would start at 8 months!!

Kate can definitely hold her own!



  1. welcome to my life. good luck.

  2. someone needs to tap out in that picture! So cute!