Wednesday, July 13, 2011


If my grandmas and mom and aunts and other people who would spank me if I cursed on the www didn't read this here blog, I would definitely add an expletive after DIY...

Also, I think whoever encourages people to take on DIY (do it yourself) projects probably really makes their money from a kick back from marital counselors.  It's just not fun, peeps.  There will, however, be an end.  And Dan and I will not physically harm each other or change our minds about our 'forever' status.  But, the end won't be today, and I'll probably have to apologize to Dan AGAIN for mouthy frustration talk.  :-(

So, here's the story.  Remember when our bathroom looked like this:

Well, it doesn't anymore.  It now looks like this!:

(taken from the exact same angles!)

It has awesome potential!  We're tiling around the tub, doing hardwood flooring, and the vanities and furniture are picked out and perfect for the space.  Dad and Mom came to help this past weekend.  Dad is a sheetrocker of hire-able proportions...and Dan is very handy all on his own.  Mom and I just mostly "foreman-ed" and stayed out of the way!  I'm thrilled at how much they got done in one weekend!!

While Mom and I were staying out of the way, we took on our own DIY project.  Remember how the babes never have anything to wear??  (If ever a need for a "sarcastic" font!)

Well, we decided we'd clothe those poor babes.

We MADE these!!  Like really!!  And I helped!!!!

Finally, I'll leave you with a tale of some carpet.  Carpet is gross.  Like mega-gross.  We had new carpet installed in the living room and on the stairs.  BUT, our DIY portion was that we opted to move all the furniture and haul off all the old carpet ourselves.  GROSS.  Like piles of sand under it all that said "these people vacation at the beach weekly", when in reality it was "we live in the desert and sometimes the wind blows and the carpet was 15 years old".  Boo.  But it's in, and my house is put back together and it's the cleanest the floors have been, maybe EVER. 

The girls comment that it feels soft on their knees and makes them even faster!

So, we'll just be finishing projects now...absolutely NO starting new ones.  Except for when the old ones cause new ones.  And cause fights.  And cause apologies.

That MAY be my kitchen ceiling.  The bathroom MAY be situated directly above the kitchen.  Plumbing MAY be best left to the professionals.

The Momma


  1. -The cloths are Super Cute!!! Like SUPER!!!
    -The carpet looks amazing, love it, can totally relate on how sand gets in places and is hard to get out. Desert life, sheesh!
    -The girls are still so cute and I wish I could give them a squeeze right now!
    -Hole in the ceiling... :-( But, your comments make me laugh and smile!

  2. oh my word...DIY=hell. hahahaha...