Monday, July 25, 2011

Best Babies Ever

We survived!!!!  The babes are fliers, I tell you!  They were happy and made friends and ate semi-politely.  I am grateful.

I wish I had a picture of our crew headed into the airport.  We turn heads most places we go...our stroller is big.  But this was a whole new class of spectacle!  Picture it with me, 'cause Momma forgot the camera.  Dan - wearing Kate, wearing a backpack, carrying a giant bag that held both car seats (thanks Daisy!).  Erin - wearing Lauren, diaper bag over one shoulder, pulling giant rolly bag that I packed EVERYTHING into.  Spectacle.  But, the kind of spectacle that most people smile at...nice.

The girls didn't act like their ears bothered them...maybe because they nursed 14 times a piece, but still, I was very glad of that.  We really only had 2 issues the whole travel portion of our trip.  One: pacifier patrol.  They LOVE their pacifiers, but they also really love to throw their pacifiers.  Far.  This presents 2 issues: 1) reaching under plane seats with no room with a baby on your lap.  Ugh.  2) the whole germ factor.  This is not an issue for me in that I worry about the germs.  I only worry about what others think about my total okay-ness with putting dropped pacifiers in my babies mouths.  For some, this is a real issue.  I saw a few people almost pass out as I popped that nasty, dropped pacifier into my mouth to "clean" it and then shoved it in babe's mouth.  One flight attendant actually brought Dan a cup of steaming hot water after she was us do this about 45 times.  Sorry folks...we're hippy like that.  Germs don't scare me none. 

The other issue that came up was the oxygen mask rule on airplanes.  Now, I have flown quite a bit.  I have never had those oxygen masks drop down for use.  BUT, I suppose if we needed them, we'd want to have played by the rules.  The rule is this - there is one extra mask per side of the aisle.  Example: if the plane is three seats, aisle, three seats there are 4 oxygen masks on either side of the aisle.  Well, if it's a packed plane and you and your hubs are sitting next to each other in seat A and B and you're each holding a baby on your lap...problem.  It was a packed flight, we were ready to take off when the flight attendant realized the problem...there was about to be a LOT of moving and rearranging, etc.  I didn't want to move.  We had just gotten settled in (toys out and in the seat back pocket, seat belts on, stuff shoved under the seat in front of us.  Also, I couldn't move.  I wore a skirt.  The seat was pleather.  My legs were sweaty.  Glue.  So, when the lady behind us piped up and said "I'll hold a baby for take off and landing", I (maybe a little TOO quickly) passed Kate right back to her!  It worked out great.  Kate was happy, I was happy, I got my baby back as soon as we took off, and they found our 3rd seat mate another place to sit for the landing.  I'm sure he was happy, but so were we!

Our trip home last night had a few kinks in it.  It took about three and a half hours longer than it was supposed to.  The girls were still so sweet.  We had many people come up to us after we landed in ABQ and commented that they were such good travelers.  We agree.  But, it really is nice to hear it from someone else!

Home, safe and sound,

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  1. so glad to hear it went well. traveling can be so hard. sounds like your girls are flexible ladies. you are lucky! hope the trip was great.