Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July!

Oh, dear bloggie, I have neglected you.  Didn't mean to.  Have had blog dialogues floating around in my head so vividly and loudly I sometimes laugh out loud all by myself...yip, I think I'm pretty funny sometimes.  But I'm back...with hopes to catch up in a big way, so settle in.

The 4th of July in Laverne rocked our socks!  It's part family reunion, part high school reunion, part sweat fest, part eat 'til you puke, part perfect.  We took in church with Dodie and Pop, a birthday party for Dodie, the duck races, Lion's club pancake breakfast, the parade, the town BBQ, talent show, kids' races, and FIREWORKS!

One of the sad things about living far from home is that it feels that each trip is slightly rushed and full of a little catching up with a lot of people.  I wish there was time to hang out with each one for a whole afternoon, there's just not.  So, we talk fast and wave big when we see dear friends and cousins. 

Here's a few details:
Duck races:  H-I-larious.  They block off a few blocks of main street, a cement truck on one end, the finish line on the other.  For weeks they have been selling "ducks" for prizes and bragging rights.  The cement truck dumped a load of water and a LOAD of rubber duckies and they race down the gutter!!  The ducks are marked with numbers and the winners are announced.  The whole thing took about 15 minutes.  Love it!!!  Next year, I'm buyin' me a whole gaggle of ducks.

Parade:  Awesome.  Veterans as marshalls, Shiner's cars, horses, and lots of emergency vehicle sirens.  AND, they all throw candy!!!  This is where I get my Tootsie Roll fix every year!!  (Thanks Dakota and Makalyn for sharing!!!)

Fireworks!:  Best I've ever seen anywhere!!  The fire department shoots em off, we all lay in the grass around the school or on the football field, there are oooo's and aaaa's.  It's just my favorite part.

I've missed the 4th of July in Laverne before.  I don't know that it'll happen again.  We just love it...and I hope the girls do too!


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  1. Nothing beats the small town Fourth of July! Well, once I was in Washington D.C....that one wins, but it's the only one better! :) Glad you had fun!