Wednesday, August 3, 2011

60 years

My Grandma and Papa Terry have been married for 60 years and 5 days. 
My Meme and Papa Eells have been married for 57 years today.

Does that seem like a really long time to anyone else!?  We traveled home this weekend to celebrate the 60th with the Terry Family.  It was awesome!  I love family get-togethers.  The food, the babies, the visiting, and, on this special weekend...the terrible old home VHS from 1991 Terry Chriistmas!!  Oh, the bangs, and the color block sweaters...the high waisted pants and the big glasses...yikes!!  It's funny how some memories are so vivid and some you can completely block.  I think I blocked all of 1991.

All this anniversary talk got me to thinkin'...marriage.  (Please say it like they do on "Princess Bride", please, for me...)  Marriage.  Does coming from a family with a great track record of long, lasting marriages stack the deck that yours might make it?  Or is it better to have lived what you don't want to repeat?  Amanda read somewhere that our generation will have fewer divorces than the older generation.  Is divorce trendy?

I don't pretend to know.  I do know that you just have to wake up everyday and remind yourself that you said you said you'd stay, you said you'd be on their team.  I hope my girls love Disney movies, and fairytales, and Prince Charmings....and I hope they see in us real life stick-to-it-ness that arms them with the ability to have a real-life lasting, good marriage.

Today, babies, I love your daddy.  But if I wake up tomorrow in a bad mood and wouldn't list him on my top 10 favorite people...I'll still stay.  'Cause I said I would.  I hope we make it to our 60th anniversary!!  And I hope our roles, babes, won't have completely reversed....but, as Uncle Joshy says, "I'll wipe you really well...just as I'd like you to wipe me should the day come."


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