Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Monday's Musings....on a Tuesday.

**I started this blog on Monday.  Sometimes (always) I don't finish what I'm working on immediately and have to come back to it later...imagine!**

1.  The girls talk/sign all the time.  They parrot back what we say, they jabber, they legitimately talk.  My favorites right now are Lauren's "Peeeeeeese" (head cocked to the side, begging, please) and Kate's "Bess You" (Bless you, sneeze anywhere she can hear you and she says this) and "All Gom" (all gone).

2.  Health care is a racket.  We didn't have maternity coverage for this surprise pregnancy.  The hospital bill was high...and apparently hugely negotiable.  I am the worst negotiator of all times, but we paid less than 40% of the original bill without having to ask for a reduction.  How about you just charge what it costs/you need to get paid and skip the step of over billing to under collect??  ObamaCare is not the answer, but there needs to be one.  It's a RACKET.

3.  Jack eats every two hours for about 25 minutes.  One hour and thirty five minutes is not very long to accomplish anything before it's time to sit down and nurse him again.  I would complain, but I think I have been eating about every two hours too, so who am I to judge?

4.  Speaking of diets...want to find a way to think about dessert all day long/make new desserts everyday/always have a sweet taste in your mouth?  Join Weight Watchers.  They must go hand in hand.  R-I-diculous.  I am ridiculous.

5.  Kate is going through a growth spurt.  Girl eats more often than Jack and I.  And she's sneaky.  Typical scenario: Kate comes in the kitchen and asks for a cracker.  I give her one.  Then she says "Sissy?", meaning, where's one for sissy?  So I give her another.  She takes a bite out of one on her way to deliver the cracker to her sister and then gives Lauren the half eaten cracker.  Sneaky...and I totally get it.

6.  I have got to figure out how to get out of the house with all three babes.  We are all stir crazy.

We do this kind of "out of the house".  I need the kind where there are other people.

7.  Do you read Jessica's blog over at How Sweet It Is ?  I do.  She lends to my dessert everyday problem.  And she provides me with a chuckle.  Yesterday she wrote this:

I’ve always had weirdo sleep anxiety, probably because I’m a first-born child and a full-blooded Scorpio with a major nutcase brain that pretends to be a normal brain, and if I can’t fall asleep within like 34 seconds of my head hitting the pillow, I’m all up in my own face whining “omg… I can’t sleep. OMG. I’m never going to be able to fall asleep tonight. Wait. Maybe I should turn the TV off. No. Then I’ll be scared. OMG. I can’t sleep. OMGGGGGGG. What am I going to do tomorrow when I’m soooo tired?”
I’m so ahead of myself that I’m behind.
See what I’m dealing with here?
Oh and guess what? I’m really fun to live with!!
This is so me lately that it's not even funny...except I'm a Gemini and the TV part...no TV for me.  But I am equally crazy within one minute of lights out.  Sleep is important...and stressful.  It's odd for a little blob of a creature to have so much control over whether or not my night will suck.  Add anxiety to my already crazy brain and you've got yourself the perfect storm.  Again...Ridiculous.
E dot P dot

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  1. what? you can't finish things? i don't get it!! wait, i tried to comment yesterday and could never finish it!!! haha. health care is a racket, sorry jack eats so much, diets suck (prob why i can't lose any weight!), take the plunge and just go somewhere, and i feel ya on the sleep!

    seriously, getting out gets better with each trip. and snacks....lots of snacks. they can't yell or go crazy with full mouths, can they?