Monday, July 2, 2012


There is a nice park in our new neighborhood.  It has real grass and a play structure and is usually deserted and kept fairly clean.  Now that I'm no longer 30 pounds overweight, I like to go and play there with the girls.  Dan is home Tuesday and Thursday mornings for a little while, so we've been taking a wagon ride, walking to the park, and playing...just us girls.

The B's are getting so much more able and adventurous.  Well, one is able and the other is adventurous!  Kate is so brave and willing and adventurous, but so uncoordinated (poor baby bleeds everyday...bonks).  And Lauren is so strong and capable and coordinated, but so cautious.  It'll change...they'll make a liar out of me...but this month, the above statements are accurate and said with love.


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  1. totes adorbs! lol. the pics are great. glad you are getting some girl time in.