Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lovely Ladies

Oh, these girls!  They are so busy, so funny, so cute, so alike, so different, so exasperating, so fun, so 30 years younger and more energetic than me!  They have adjusted well to having Baby Jack around.  They say 'baby' (or 'babiessssss' if you're listening to Kate) even before I get them out of their crib in the mornings and must see him right away.  Lauren might be a little more fragile in the last week...maybe it's because Jack's around...maybe it's just a bad mood or new teeth, who knows!?

The girls are 19 months old.  They have more words everyday...fish, baby, wash, soap, eat, more, ball, outside, splash, bath, sucker, night-night.  They recognize animals and either say the name or make the sound.  We are working on colors and numbers.  They love to sit at their big girl table and eat, color, or look at books.  They play together, always.  They may be fighting or just playing near each other, but they are always together. In fact, if Kate loses track of where Lauren ran off too, there's a moment of panic in her eyes as she says "Sissy?".

My dancer.  She dances to every song...commercials, background music, radio, the song in her head that no one else can hear.  She has quite a few moves, mostly though she bounces and tosses around that curly haired head of hers!  SO adorable.  Lately, she even dances to the dishwasher.  When it's running, she goes up to it, puts both hands on it (to feel the rhythm) and gets down.  She's just jolly.  Jolly, what a great word!  She laughs out loud when she laughs.  She is uncoordinated, but fearless.  She is stubborn and challenging.  She has a sweet tooth.  She has a severe affection with all things feet (toes, shoes, socks) and anything with a button.  Awesomeness.

Lauren the Tender Hearted:
This girl is tender.  That's really the best word for her.  She wilts at raised voices (not that we ever do such a thing).  She holds a grudge and flashes dirty looks.  She needs snuggled and loved on.  She loves on her sister and brother.  Just tonight while they were in the bath, Kate was sitting down, and Lauren walked over to her rested her little cheek on the top of Kate's head and made that little "hmmmmmm" noise you'd make when you are just content and in love.  Presh.  She cries when Kate gets in trouble.  She is tender.  She has a waspy little body...she is lean and long and strong.

Dodie is back now...she's here to play and cook and hold down the fort so I can get out.  I'd like to say that we're getting into a routine and that I have this three-under-two thing handled BUT then I remember that my Momma's here.  I'll worry about that later....fake it 'til you make it, right?!

The Momma



  1. your kiddos all look so much alike! and all are totally adorable! hope you are getting some sleep. also, love the pic of lauren outside with no clothes on...her and molly are kindred spirits!

  2. These two girls are the cutest things I have ever seen.(Only Ava can hold a candle to them :)! It will be so fun to watch them with their brother.