Saturday, June 23, 2012

Two Tales of Two Girls

So, one of the most common remarks that I get from other mothers of toddlers is "You're so lucky they have each other to play with!".  I agree!  They entertain each other, learn things together, teach each other, keep each other company (as we 'speak' they are supposed to be napping, but instead I hear giggles and kicking on the wall - lucky).  The flip side of this lucky thing I have is that two heads are ornerier than one!

The first tale was semi-photo-documented:

The story.  I usually leave the door to our guest bedroom closed.  It's just easier...that way I can leave things on the bed, floor, etc. and the girls won't get in it.  One of the best things the girls have experienced since the birth of their new brother is all his 'toys'!  The swing (has buttons!!), the bouncy chair (has buttons!)...oh, the joy!!  I had the bouncy chair on the bed in the guest room since the baby wasn't in it and I needed to remove the temptation for the girls.  Well, I had been in there putting some of their too-small clothes in a box and just going through some stuff...and then the baby cried...and I left the room...and left the door open.  Enter the B's.

Can you say probable trip to urgent care for stitches?  Kate (who cannot climb up onto the bed by herself, oh how I wish I would have seen that teamwork!) was in the bouncy chair, snapped in.  Lauren had gotten into the too-small clothes and had a shirt on as a 'kerchief on her head and two different shoes on...and was bouncing Kate in the chair.  They were laughing so hard and having so much fun that I just took some pictures, said a few Hail Mary's, and walked away.  They survived.

Tale #2 sadly has no pictures.  I can't seem to have everything I need within arms reach while nursing Baby Jack.

When the girls get in trouble, I put them in the same place on the floor for time-out.  They have to sit turned away from the living room, sit until I say they can get up, and they usually cry.

I was on the couch nursing Jack.  The girls were on the couch with me.  And then they got up and started wrestling, running, jumping, playing around and over me and the baby.  I tried to get them to stop nicely a few times, and then I raised my voice, told them to stop and to get down.  And then, picture this.  They got down.  And Lauren grabbed Kate's hand and let her over to the time-out place and said "Sit down!".  And Kate did!  And then Lauren walked away and Kate did a little fake cry "WaaWaaa".  And then Lauren walked back over, helped her up, gave her a hug, said "OK!", and they went off to play.  I about died.  Time-out is now a game.  Momma needs to change it up a bit!!

Feelin' lucky!

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