Friday, June 1, 2012

Jack David

Oh, blog friends, he's here!!  And he's perfect!  And I'm tired...all is right with the world!

Jack was born at 6:17am on May 25, 2012.  We spent 24 hours longer than expected in the hospital for some light time due to a little jaundice.  He is almost 2x as big as his older sisters were at birth...he feels like a 3 month old to me.  He is a great eater, pooper, and sleeper (usually.  Only two bad nights so far.)  His hair feels like silk, he smells so good, his skin is so soft...delicious.

Already, on his one week birthday, he is awake a little longer between feedings.  He is stretching his legs out, and generally not as curled up.

Kate and Lauren adore him.  'Babeee' has replaced 'shooooooes' as their favorite word.  Lauren kisses him about 673 times a day....and it has to be on the lips, and I don't know what her criteria is, but sometimes she shakes are head and immediately goes back in for another, better one.  Kate mostly concerns herself with his sucker (pacifier) patrol.  She knows where it is and if he needs it at all times.  She also loves to lay beside him and hold his hand and find his toes.

I'm not nearly as hormonally emotional as I was post-partum last time (yet!?), but I will tell you that between the tired, overwhelmed, no clue how to do it all, inadequate, frustrated, ugh feelings...sometimes I think my heart my burst...and my throat along with it (you know, with the giant lump that gets in there when you think you might cry or just die).

Welcome to the world Baby Jack!!  You are loved.


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