Thursday, September 15, 2011


The Momma got a shiner.

Yesterday, the four of us girls (Roxie as #4) went on a walk.  It was very blue and had been sprinkling on and off for the afternoon so we just lapped the loop.  As we passed the house the second time, I decided to run up to my car and get the mail key.  I left the stroller with Roxie tethered to it in the gutter/street.

Remember last post when I was bragging about the Spidey Sense that motherhood had afforded me??  Lie.  As I was opening the car door, I felt a bug on my leg.  I simultaneously opened the car door and looked down to make sure it wasn't a dreaded spider.  I opened the car door into my face.  Hard.

I had to take a knee it was so severe.  I saw stars and opened my eye to dripping blood.  And then I was tormented by the two most important questions while in that situation:

1) Did anyone see that?

2) Why have a never trained Roxie to pull the stroller sled-dog-style so that I don't have to walk back down there and get the family?

It scared Kate.  It hurts when I chew.  We're flying with the girls again a wedding.  Awesome. Good thing not too many people will see it!


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  1. Ohhh. I'm so sorry. It makes me wince just reading this. I know what you mean about wondering if anyone saw your boo-boo. One time I clobbered my jaw with the corner of the car door from standing too close to the door as I opened it.