Sunday, September 11, 2011

Random Thoughts...

I love weekends!!!  It seems that already (before the soccer and ballet and volleyball and skeet shooting that is sure to come) we don't have many weekends that aren't full of plans.  Good plans, mind you, but plans.  This one ended up being wide open.  We went for walks, we played on the floor, we did a few chores, made a few meals, watched a few mindless was awesome!

What is it about the change of season that acts as an excuse for "sprucing up" a bit?  The weather was cooler this weekend...crisper.  So I NEEDED a few changes.  First up, changing my pale pink toes and fingernails to more beige/taupe/mauve.  Then, I changed my house frangances (plug-ins, candles, etc) from tropical, fruity smells to apple spice/cinnamon.  Finally, the coconut creamer I've been living on this summer got booted for hazelnut and pumpkin spice.  Ahhhh, fall is near!

Can we talk about music for a second?  Two things.  One, I recently downloaded all my old CDs onto my iTunes.  I was embarrassed by some of my library...ok, most of it.  I'm so not cool.  I am so far from cool in the music department, that I wouldn't even know what to buy to make me less not cool.  I've always known that my taste in music should never be part of the conversation if the person on the listening end hadn't made up their mind about me yet.  Example:  I really like Bonnie since 1998.  I don't think that even my mom liked Bonnie Raitt in 1998.  Embarrassing.  And now, after that confession, I'm not even going to tell you number two.  It's just too much!

My computer is at the doctor (no pictures today).  I feel like I'm missing my left foot.  So sad.  It was probably all those embarrassing songs I loaded onto it...even my computer knows...

Being a mom has afforded me Spidey Sense.  Supper was over, I was holding Kate walking toward the sink to hose her off.  The door of the dishwasher was open, and right in my way, and I had forgotten.  I busted my shin so hard (still, the memory makes me hurt somewhere behind my bellybutton) that I tripped/missed my next step.  Before babies, I would have definitely stepped on the dishwasher door, broken it, and then hit the floor.  With babies, I do some sweet hop/hurdle thing, land on my feet, with the baby still in my arms, and only say fake swear words.  It was awesome!!

The babes are awesome!  There's a great bathtime story I need to tell, but I am bound and determined to get it on video.  You'll love it!

Hope you can feel Fall in the air!!
E dot P dot

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