Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Diaper Genie

So, first of all, I'm sorry I've been neglecting you.  There was travel, then recovery, then laundry, and you KNOW I'm still milking all kinds of attention and sympathy about the, I'm sorry.  And I'm back.

I had 'do a blog' on my to-do list today.  It HAD to happen, but I was feeling very with-out material.  And then my Kate delivered.

We had a busy day today.  I cut their morning nap short to run an errand and then go to Bible study.  Their lunch was later than usual - and messier than usual - lasagna, a favorite mess.  They didn't get their daily dose of schoolin' (Baby Einstein) until after lunch.  It was just off.

Because of the giant mess that was their lunch, they were sporting just their diaper for naptime.  We went up, and all was usual: two diapered babies, two pacifiers, two top-offs from Momma, two little girls down in their beds.  AND THEN.  They gently beckoned for me: (in an English accent, because that's how I have fun some days) "Mummy, dear Mummy, we're done napping for now.  While it was lovely, would you please, pretty please come get us now."  Ha!  Mayhem...screaming mayhem alerted me that they were done with their nap.  So, I scurried on up there, opened the door, and reached down to pick up Kate, as she was the most persistent in her need to get out of bed.  AND THE CHILD WAS NAKED!!!!!  Like-smooth-as-a-baby's-bottom-sitting-on-my-arm-naked. 

Here's the order of thoughts through my head:
1) Ah, squishy, snuggly little baby, you really do have the softest skin.
2) Why did I put her to bed without a diaper on?
3) Wait, I didn't...where is her diaper, and what's in it!?

Lights on.  Search party.  First, I looked in the most logical place - her crib.  Nothing.  So I looked on the floor around the crib.  Nothing.  Then, scared, I looked in Lauren's crib.  BINGO.  Naked Kate in crib A, diapered Lauren and empty, if damp, diaper in crib B.

It's never boring, folks!  If only I could have seen the whole thing unfold.


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