Monday, September 5, 2011


We spent the night away from the babes Friday night!!  Dan has been away a few times this year - classes, continuing ed, and such.  I have never been away.  I was nervous.  The girls stayed at home with Dodie and Pop.  I was not nervous about the caregivers, I was not nervous that the girls wouldn't be just fine without me...I was nervous that I might not be ok without them! 

I left them at noon to go pick up Dan and head to the airport.  I was sad.  They didn't cry when I left, or seem nervous about the 15 hugs they had to endure before I made it to the door.  I picked up Dan and we went out for lunch.  I was still sad.  Then we made it to the airport and had a drink and a few laughs.  I was still a little sad.  Then we got on the airplane and flew to Phoenix.  We flew Southwest and got there late, so we sat a row the middle chair.  I was sad (50% because of the girls, 50% because of the chair).  Then we landed in Phoenix and headed to the hotel.  I was over it.

We napped, and I primped, and then we went out on the town!  We had dinner, and met some nice people to chat with, then we went to the John Legend and Sade concert!!  It was awesome! 

We learned a few things: 1) We're old.  The concert was loud, the fools around us wouldn't sit down and quietly enjoy the show, we didn't get back to the hotel 'til after midnight!!!  2)  Time away is good.  The girls were fine, Dodie and Pop handled it as well as we knew they would, the days of being them being weaned from me is getting less sad, and I still really, kinda like Dan. 


The Wifey

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  1. you look so happy in your pic! i am glad you guys had a great time! and i am totally with you. why can't people just sit down and enjoy a concert without acting crazy? so annoying. the girls are adorable as always.