Saturday, September 24, 2011


I have read quite of few other blogs lately that have devoted some time to explaining why they blog.  This had never crossed my mind, but I loved reading theirs, let it cross my mind a few hundred times, and decided to tell you my reasons.

I began to blog because I had found myself with some extra time in my day.  Within six months, I had gone from being employed, to being up for weeks at a time with two newborn little extra super duper needy human beings, to settling into a season of semi-calm.  Also, and mainly, I started reading Pioneer Woman and wanted to be just like her...

I found my voice talking about my adventures with the babes.  It became a place to share their stories...with family that live too far away to see the day to day, with girlfriends going through similar things, with strangers...

When I read Jami's blog over at From the Nato's, her words reminded me of the real reason that I do this.  I don't scrapbook, I don't journal, and....if I'm not VERY careful...I get into auto-pilot mode, and I don't make note to REMEMBER!  I loved that she said so eloquently and plainly: Mothers are the Memory Keepers.  We are.  Mine is...she remembers weird stuff, she wrote down things that I'm so glad that she wrote down.  And I come from a whole long line of memory keepers...around the dinner table the grown ups often traveled down memory lane to 'the good ol' days'. 

If I'm not careful, I forget.  I forget who did what when. 

So, I am reminding myself that I don't write blogs for the sweet comments (although I heart comments), and I don't write to be something I'm not.  I write so that my babes have a record, a picture of what our days were like.  I write so that I don't have to stress out about the fact that all the pictures are in a box and their baby books are stuffed full of post-its.

I write to remember, when I remember to write.

Love you all...

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