Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Big Girls

My goodness, it seems like they just grew up in the last month.  All of a sudden they are little girls instead of babies.  They have likes and dislikes, tricks and personalities, and those change daily!  Parts of momming twins is easier with each passing month, and yet, each stage brings it unique challenges.  We have fun, we laugh every day, and they get more and more delicious with each sweet potato they smear all over their little faces.

Kate is now the little one!!  Since birth, Kate has weighed a few ounces more than Lauren (freakishly, 6 ounces, to be exact, for the first four months).  Well, since mastering solid food, Lauren has passed Kate!  At their nine month check-up, which happened on their 10th month birthday Kate weighed 10 ounces less!!  Kate is the best nodder I've ever seen.  Sometimes it works out perfectly to be the "yes" answer to whatever question I'm asking her...or, my favorite, when Lauren is throwing a fit, and I flash that, "What's a girl to do" look to Kate and she emphatically gives me about 44 nods.  Presh!

Kate loves sweet potatoes, and roasted chicken, and all beans.  She can put away more goldfish and cheerios than I would admit to you that I give her.  She loves all fruit.  She has mastered pushing the power button on the DVD player and then is so sad, as she loves her Baby Einstein movies.  She loves the water - bathtime, puddles on the sidewalk, etc.  She loves her sister - she mimics her, and follows her, and learns new tricks by watching her.  They are both standing all the time now, but not actually walking - sooooo close!

Lauren, the big one!  Lauren keeps her pointer finger at attention at all times, just in case.  She points at people, she points at toys, she points at nothing.  She's an excellent pointer.  She's also the best gurglerer I've ever know.  She tips back her little sippy cup with such enthusiasm, fills up her mouth, and gurgles.  It's gross, and funny.  She gets such a kick out of it, and so does Sis. 

She loves tomatoes and nectarines, sweet potatoes, chicken, and raisins.  She fills her little mouth and sticks that pointer finger in there to make sure everything is ok.  She loves to drink out of a straw.  She still loves her Roxie.  Lately, we are learning that she is pretty sensitive.  When she gets in trouble she cries like her feelers are so hurt.  And she cries like that when Sis gets in trouble, and when Roxie gets in trouble.  This comes as a deviation from how we had her "pegged" as she is such a little live wire.  I'm sure my days of being made a liar out of are only just beginning.

They need haircuts, I'm not ready.  They need to be around other kids more often, I'm not ready.  They need to not nurse quite so frequently, I'm not ready.  Just putting it out there....just to show that I know.

We are just smitten with you, little B's.


  1. What is going on in that picture where it looks like one of the girls is being fed baby bird style? And the next picture looks like she's practicing her bobbing for apples technique.

  2. I can hardly wait to get in on the action in 20 days!