Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Lub Letter

My sweet hub,

I can't believe that three years ago we were just starting this awesome adventure!  In some respects it seems like way longer than three years - we have two babies, have made a house a home, have traveled, have bought a new car (with flames on the side, I love you, thrifty man), so much stuff.  On the other hand it seems like nothin'!  Three years on the map of forrrrevvvvverrrr doesn't seem like very many.

This is what I know.  Your forgiveness for my ball of imperfections has been quick and complete.  Your patience with my impatience has been steady and sure.  Your provision for this family we have created has filled me with peace and trust.  Your imperfections are tolerable and consistent (and I'm learning (slowly but surely) to tolerate them better, with less need for pointing out how consistent they are).  Your love for our babes makes me so happy for them - that they will have been loved well before anyone else gets to try. 

I would have done some things differently, but if I had to choose again, I'd choose you.

(by James Photography)
I lub ju.

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  1. happy anniversary! i know you two have many more wonderful years ahead. so happy for you.