Friday, August 19, 2011

Deep and Wide

I was making my To-Do list this morning, and a little thought crept in...I'm kinda sorta crazy.  Like crazy person crazy.  It didn't occur to me in a "OH no!  What am I going to do?  I'm crazy!" kind of way...more of a "Huh, I think I'm a little crazy"-on-to-the-task-at-hand kind of way.  You see, I spend entirely too much time on Pinterest

So now, I spend way too much time planning my day because I found this!

You can get your own here!!

And then, I was browsing Wednesday, and found this:

And as of about noon today, my hair looks almost exactly like this (except for blonde)!

It got me to thinking about all the things that make uniquely crazy.  Like how when listening to others have a conversation, I can hardly stand it when someone interrupts someone else.  BUT, have a conversation with me, and I GUARANTEE I'll interrupt you at least once!

Stolen from here

I get fightin' mad when ordering at the drive-thru window at Starbucks.  Me: "I'll have a grande iced coffee with cream and one pump of coconut."  Magic voice:  "So that's an iced coffee, grande, with one coconut and cream?"  Well, yes, but...wha...wait...and no matter what order I say the 15 things you have to say to order coffee there, they repeat it back in the opposite order.  Fightin' mad.

I have an irrational fear that I will get a paperclip in my eye.  Like puncture wound.  As in, I can't keep from squinting to type that....oh, the thought!  (Huh, L.C.?!?)

Sometimes when I'm making dinner, I pretend like I have my own Food Network show.  Like talk aloud to myself, demonstrate...crazy.  Sometimes the girls are my audience...most times no one is there.  Crazy.

My beloved has his own little quirk: Scenario: Dan starts to tell me a long, dramatic story.  I look at him and he realizes he's already told me the story.  He pauses.  He looks at me sheepishly, and sometimes, I give him the nod.  He MUST finish the story.  He knows I know the end...doesn't matter...must complete the thought, aloud, to an audience.

So, what makes you uniquely crazy?  I realized that we all have SOMEthing, and that it's not hard to find someone just as see, I found all those cartoons on Pinterest...

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  1. you crack me up! i totally L-O-V-E that list. i am going to print like a million today. and of course i have my own unique crazy. more like ocd. i have a fear that the garage door isn't shut, so i have to drive back to the house (probably once a week) to check. it used to me more like everyday....ugh! jason could probably give you a million more examples, but i am going to refrain from embarrasing myself!