Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Best Friend

Three years ago today was supposed to be one of the happiest days of my life, it turned out to be one of the hardest.  You see, three years ago today, my best friend got married!  It had already been such a fun year!  Within the year of 2008, we both got used to saying we were engaged, both planned a wedding, both planned to be each other's maid of honor...FUN!  I had made many trips to OKC for planning and shopping, she had visited out here for a spa weekend and relaxing.  And August 9th we were to meet in Mexico and get that girl married!

Dan and I left from Albuquerque early the morning before.  We connected in Dallas, and when we got ready to check into that flight, I realized I had lost my passport.  I had it in Albuquerque.  I had had it on the plane.  I didn't have it when I needed it.  Panic.  Like the kind of panic when you become irrational and crazy and mean and weepy.  I ran back to our previous gate and begged them to search the plane.  No luck.  I begged the attendent at the gate to just let me go - I would deal with how to get back into the U.S. when the time came.   No luck. 

Then, the real crazy set in.  We rented a car, bought a Texas and Mexico map, and I decided we would just drive it.  My sweet, sweet Dan just rolled with the crazy. 

All the while, my family was partying and making merry in Mexico.  I had to call.  I don't remember the order of who I talked to.  I don't remember what I said.  I don't remember what they said.  I do remember having to talk to Amanda.  It still makes me cry.  It was her wedding day, for pete's sake.  What kind of a friend does that to a girl on her wedding day!  I did.

Dan drove me to El Paso.  I had my dad's secretary fax my birth certificate to a Kinko's there, and we were gassing up and getting ready to cross the border.  It was dark.  We needed to drive straight through the night to make it in time.  Dan thought it was a bad idea.  My parents that it was a really bad idea.  Even Amanda said no.  I still didn't see the problem.  I had stopped at the ATM.  I had a ton of cash.  You can pay off crooked Mexican police, right?

We didn't go.  We stayed in a hotel in El Paso that night and drove home the next day. 

They got married, and it was perfect and beautiful.  They are married, happily.  They have a beautiful baby boy.  And she is still my friend.  My best one.  And today is their anniversary.

Happy Anniversary,

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  1. this story still makes me a little sad for you. happy anniversary, amanda!