Friday, August 5, 2011

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

Now I know why Mary was so contrary...she must have been trying to grow that garden in the desert.  Boo.

My gardening dreams started in this little ice cube tray sized "starter kit" that sat on my kitchen table.  There were peppers and tomatoes, carrots and peas, squash and cucumber...and high hopes.

Then, I graduated to these little plastic cups and some solo cups and let them hang out in the kitchen some more.  At this point, I had no plan past the cups.  Our backyard is dirt and rock - but not the kind of dirt that would actually sustain life.  The kind that's good for breaking your foot if you try to shovel into it, or the kind that's good for ants to live in and lizards to run plan.

Then, while blog-stalking the Pioneer Woman, I saw that she had these garden boxes!  What a great idea!  Since I was going to have to BUY DIRT anyway, this would be a great way to contain it.  BUY DIRT - I had a severe problem with this...who BUYS DIRT!! 

Exhibits A and B of the only green things in my yard.  Boo again.  My tomato plants looked healthy and promising most of the summer...there were even a few yellow blooms - that promptly died.

Green Thumb

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