Thursday, August 4, 2011

On Daddy's Watch

Oh, how we all look forward to Mondays and Thursdays!  I love it because I get dressed in real clothes and run errands sans a stroller and see patients and visit with my work friends.  Dan loves it because he gets unsupervised Daddy time and possibly some alone time if a good nap falls on his shift.  The girls love it because they love their daddy.

And the girls love it because they don't have to get dressed.

And the girls love it because they get to make a sport out of unloading the entertainment center.

And the girls love it because Daddy does not have a to - do list...he just sits and plays and sings and reads.  Sweetest thing ever.

Now, on Momma's watch there have been a few catastrophes.  They have both fallen off things (beds, couches).  They have choked on things (barely, temporarily).  They have crawled off, under, and behind things and scared the momma half to death.  BUT.  They have never bled.

Today, Daddy made Kate bleed her own blood (name that movie!).  Kate has a very unique crawl - part belly flop, part frogger, part worm - unique.  Well, today, she was shimmying across the tile floor and tripped.  When you trip doing Kate's style of locomotion, your face hits first.  Poor baby got a bloody lip.

I called on my way home.  I knew right away.  In part due to the whimpering in the background.  In larger part because Dan started the call with, "Well, they're all ok, but...."  Momma drove fast.  Kate was fine, Lauren was jealous of all the attention, Daddy was ready to hand off the babes and head to work. 

Wife of Father of the Year,
E dot P dot

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