Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Day in the Life...

I have wanted to do a post about our "normal" day for a while now.  I think it will be a sweet way to document the things we do, their schedule, their milestones, etc.  Also, I'm already struck with how much I've forgotten already about our "normal" day at each stage.  For example, I almost had a heart attack when our friends came over the other day with their two month old and just left him laying on the couch!!  I know I did that with the babes.  I know he wasn't going to go anywhere...but I think there's a tendency to only relate to the stage you're living in that moment.  I want to remember these moments.  Here's our day:

Slept through the night!!  Up at 6:01 for a little snack, but then back down until 7:15!

One of the best moments of my day!  When I go in int he morning, both are standing in their crib, usually "talking" with each other.  In this pic, they are watching Roxie who followed me in.

One of about 400 times a day I carry them like this.  We go everywhere TOGETHER!!

Morning snuggles and stretches and freshening and giggles!

Breakfast!!!  One our their favorites is avacado and banana smushed together....tasty! 

Then, of course, it's learning time - via Baby Einstein or Signing Time.  (And Momma takes a shower, or blogs, or does the dishes, or just sits and learns too.) 
This day happened to be a Friday, so after morning naps - Daddy was home!!

And the momma got her hair did! 
We musn't forget chore time!  Not really, but Kate was crawling under everything cleaning up the "leftovers". 
Shopping!!  Costco run - first time sitting in the cart (we love Costco - their carts are two-holers!!)

And that's all the pictures I have to document the day that I was going to take a picture of everything!!  There were two naps, snacks, more meals, a few fits, a car ride...so many things!!  But, this looks very similar to our day.  What fun we have!!

The Momma


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