Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I miss blogging.  I love having a record of our life...even when it's the day to day regular routine.  BUT, I have not figured out the balance (another blog to come) to do a blog without interruptions stealing my joy!  Right this minute, there are THREE napping babies in my house!  I think that's happened maybe 1.5 times since Jack joined us!  Now, there's nothing planned for lunch, I haven't showered, there are toys and laundry EVERYWHERE, and I haven't had breakfast (does coffee count?!), but bygoshbygolly, I'm bloggin'!

In order to catch up...a picture fest!

I got a wild hair and thought mani- pedi-'s would be fun.  And then, I had 40 wet fingers and toes (rookie mistake #673)!!  They loved it though!

They still love outside so much.  Above, they were studying something...intently.  And then smooching through the glass.  Precious.

Movie time.  They always 'assume the position' and are such cool characters.

Dodie got them a new tunnel - what a hit!!

I swaddle the baby.  They needed to be swaddled.  And then, those weirdo babies just laid there and enjoyed the claustrophobia.

She's actually 85 years old.


And one's up!! Perfect timing, little man.

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  1. love that they wanted to be swaddled also! hope momma is getting some sleep these days.