Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Watch Your Language!

The girls are talking more all the time.  They babble to themselves, they babble to each other, and they mimic everything that comes out of our mouths.  However, they are still missing some very important consonant sounds.  It's cute.  I'm not worried that one day they won't be able to enunciate a 't' from a 'p' sound, or an 'l' from a 'y'...but today, it is just not in their skill set.

I have admitted before that I am a "Friends" junkie.  I love them...they are my friends...I never tire of the reruns.  So, immediately upon trying to work on phonics with the girls a specific episode came to mind.  Maybe you know it, maybe you don't....

Here's how it plays out at our house.  Baby Girl says, "yyyyight on".  Momma says, "Baby, look at Momma's mouth - la, la, la, light on."  Baby Girl says, "ya, ya, ya yyyyight on!" and then claps for herself.  Baby Girl says, "soat peeese".  Momma says, "Baby, look at my mouth - pa, pa, pa soap please."  Baby Girl says, "pa, pa, pa soat peeeese" and then jumps up and down, so proud.

I feel ya, Phoebe...I feel ya!

Glad I'm not a Teacher,

My Menfolk!


  1. In that pic, Lauren looks like she's kind of mad you told that story. So embarrassing momma.

  2. we have had this same issue at our house! what is really awesome is when whatever they are trying to say comes out sounding a lot like a cuss word or like something inappropriate. that happens to us often. aren't kids a blast??? i am always worried the people in their classrooms at church are going to call me out for my kids saying something bad.