Monday, April 16, 2012

Tell Me You've Done This...

It didn't start out as a lie...but 8 months later, it feels like one.  Tell me you've done this.  You don't tell about an event in your life...for no good reason other than you just didn't say it.  You didn't know how or if or when it would turn out, you didn't want to make to big of a deal of what may not be a big deal, etc.  It wasn't a big, bad secret, but then, after not talking about it for 8 months, it became a big, bad secret, and now to reveal it, it seems like a really big deal.

Confused?  Yeah, me too.

So, here's the deal.  We're moving across town.  We put the house on the market in September, and I didn't blog about it then, so therefore, since I didn't tell you, dear bloggers, about step 1, I haven't told your about steps 2-892 either.  I'm sorry.  It wasn't a secret, it's still not a secret, I should have talked.

Maybe, though, you should be VERY happy that I didn't.  You see, you missed a lot a whining in those 8 months!!  There was listing the house, and then finding out like 2 seconds later that I was pregnant.  Then there was morning sickness and two 10 month olds and having to keep the house "show" ready.  Then there were spur of the moment showings, showings that I had cleaned and prepared for that no one showed up, dishes hidden in my oven just so I could run to Target quickly and still leave the house "show" ready.  I whined.

Then it took way longer than we thought.  Then we lowered the price.  Then we sold it and didn't know for sure where we'd live ('cause it took longer than we thought).  Then it all worked out and I wanted to tell you, but I hadn't told you that we ever listed the house!!!!!

So, this is my apology, and my confession, and my conglomerate whine.  It's my praise report and prayer request.  It's a big reason why I haven't blogged as often!  (You try packing with two little helpers!!  Oh my!)

But I needed to talk about it.  It's a part of our story and is kind of a big part of it.  Change is happening, I'm rolling with it, and now, get ready....I'm gonna tell you about it!!


 They love it as cabinets get emptied out!!  So much exploring, so many squashed fingers.

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