Monday, April 30, 2012


It's been a while since I wow'd you with my ability to string together completely random thoughts.  Here ya go!

1) A couple of weeks ago I impaled my big toe then whined about it for about 6 days.  It looks like this now:

But then something even worse happened.  Lu smashed her finger in a drawer and her little cuticle turned blue.  Maybe that's why I smushed my I'd sympathize with that little finger more whole-heartedly.

2.  Baby Jack was head down at our appointment last Thursday!!  I don't know if it was completely mental, but I swear I felt better.  My pelvis hurt less, I could breathe better, I slept better...I think head down is best for everyone.  But then, I'm almost certain he flipped over again this weekend.  I'm almost certain that the mass in my right lung is a head, not a bottom.  Praying.

3.  The girls just discovered holding hands.  Presh!  They lead one another around and just giggle and giggle.   They also call each other 'Sissy'.  So ridiculously cute.  No pic/video of this yet, but here's a hug, kinda!

4.  Rolling over in the middle of the night while 9 months pregnant should be considered an olympic event.  I know I used to accomplish this task without so much effort, but for the life of me I can't remember how!

5.  I've never been this pregnant before.  Yes, I've had a bigger belly and been more miserable, but the girls were born at 35 weeks 5 days, and I will be 37 weeks pregnant tomorrow!  I've been putting off taking/posting a picture until I was dressed better, had my hair done, had on make-up, etc.  But, that may not happen before man-cub makes his appearance!  Then I remembered that I try to keep it real on this here blog...and this is as real as it gets:

I showered today, washed my hair yesterday, and there's a good chance I'll sleep in this get-up and wear it til about noon tomorrow....keepin' it very real.

6.  Snack time.  1 banana, one scoop of peanut butter, a little honey, a splash of milk, a handful of ice cubes.  Blend.  Watch Kate go.  That girl must be immune to brain freeze!!  She can just get on her straw and camp out.  Lauren likes it too, but Kate really enjoys it and mourns that last slurp.

7.  I hope we're having an off day, and not entering a new phase.  I'd give 'em away for a nickel all fairness it might be me, not them.  We're all gonna go try to have a nap.

Real, very real,
The Momma

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  1. jack, huh! how funny!!! baby lawson was almost baby jack, you know. and you look GREAT. like seriously GREAT. you go girl. for a minute i thought you had silver polish on your toe.....that does not look good. so sorry for lu! kids with smashed fingers suck. hope that baby is still head down. now, how do you like all my random thoughts about your random thoughts???