Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Day in Numbers

As the number of days left in this house is dwindling (2!), I have found myself counting all kinds of random things.  (A sign of OCD...possibly.)  Thought I'd share.

10-12 - the number of diapers we change a day.  (Remind me of this tiny little number in another month!)

4-6 - the number of times I have to re-do their hair when it's up.

0-16 - the number of times my living room goes from this:

then back to picked up and normal (totally depending on my mood...sometimes it's important, sometimes I could care less).

5 - the number of times left to carry both little ladies (and my giant belly) up the stairs for nap time.  Funny story:  I used to carry them up and then sit and talk or pray or sing in their dark room for a little while before laying them down for naps.  Well, now by the time I get to their room, I am so out of breath, and sometimes a little light headed, that it would hardly be a relaxing experience!  I just plop them down, then go catch my breath in my room!

42 - the number of times Kate says "shoooooes" everyday.

67 - the number of times I have to pee a day.

0 - the number of times I pee alone.


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