Friday, April 27, 2012

The Move

**We moved.  There was getting new internet service, finding my computer, getting the pictures from Dodie, and then they (the internet czars) changed the format of how I post blogs.  I'm as low-tech as they come.  This was as fast as I could get this accomplished.  I missed you too.**

Old House

The move went GREAT!!!  Dodie and Pop survived tax season and then came to help last Wednesday.  We packed, cleaned the new house, loaded stuff to go to storage, played with the babes, and just hung out.  Friday was move day.  Pop and his friend Ken came to the new house early that morning to lay sod!!  Pop couldn't stand for his babies to have nothing but sand to play in...and sand with weeds and stickers at that.  So they laid us a yard!  Then, the movers came about noon and the fun began.

I have moved approximately 11 times in the last 14 years.  Some of those were nothing more than a trunkful to a dorm room, some were whole apartment's full too my parent's garage, some were one apartment moving a quarter mile to a different apartment, some were 100's of miles with trailers of stuff...none of those 11 moves involved real movers, or real trucks for that matter!  When I first considered hiring movers for this move, my first thought was that my daddy would never approve!  He's the master of make-do.  Tie it down, drive carefully, do it yourself kinda dude.  BUT, he had been sitting behind a desk for approximately 5 months straight, I have found myself in an extreme family way, Dodie has no business carrying stuff up and down stairs, and Dan didn't really want to.  I called movers.  Best decision ever.  It was painless - thanks mostly to Dodie and Pop and Ken.

We are settled now.  We have approximately half as much space with approximately half as much of our stuff and are equally happy.  Downsizing is good for the soul.  We have the things we need around us...and a few things to make it feel like home.  No, this house won't be permanent, probably not even very long term, but it is perfect for what we need right now.

The neighborhood is adorable.  There are parks and walking trails and it's so much closer to the places we had to go to anyway.

Moving still sucks.  It still took me 4 days to recover.  It took the girls a few nights to settle into their new rooms.  We miss Roxie.  But overall, it has been as good as moving gets.


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