Thursday, April 12, 2012


I saw a cartoon once that said, "I'm not rude for interrupting, I am just a fast listener!"  Settle in, folks, be a fast listener...we're going to catch-up, Erin-style.

Babies:  They are totally adorable.  They are fast, say more words - outside, shoes, baby, sissy, thank you, and much to my dismay....NO!  They play together so well.  Yesterday, Lauren got up from her afternoon nap before Kate.  I brought her downstairs and we were playing, but about every 10 minutes she went to the gate at the bottom of the stairs, looked up, and with her little palms up said, "Sissy?".  They don't always play nice or fair or well, but they prefer to play together.  On pretty days, I leave the back door open and they come and go as they please.  They broke 20 pounds!!!  Lauren is definitely taller than Kate, probably less than an inch, but you can see a difference.

Pregnancy:  This morning I woke up in my 34 week of pregnancy, confident about the natural birth process to come.  Partly because I'm a hippy and I want to, partly because it's an option and there's no reason not to attempt, partly because it's cheaper, we have been planning on a natural delivery for baby #3.  Then I went to my regular OB appointment and found out that the head she thought she could palpate down very low in my pelvis was in fact a baby bottom.  Breech.  Don't worry, I wasn't deterred for long.  I know a guy who is a chiropractor and have seen/heard/been told that with some adjustments, you can coax a baby to turn.  But then....I dropped our giant double jogging stoller on my big toe.  It hurts so bad still that I could cry.  After this new discovery of my pain in-tolerance, maybe I'll just scrap the whole thing, have them put me out, and miss the whole having-a-baby event.  (I kid, about all except for how badly my toe hurts.)

Dan is good.  Working hard, loving his babies, and is patient with his giant, whiny wife.

I am unemployed!!  My last day of work was last Thursday.  It is and was bittersweet.  I love chiropractic.  I love my patients, those that I work with, the break from the day to day of being a stay at home mom....but, it was time.  I'm big, there was a lot of parts touching patients that didn't used to!  I'm tired.  But mostly, I want to soak up as much time as possible with these two little ladies before our lives change.  (And, except for today when I laid around with my toe up, whimpering, it's been a blast!)

I'm back now.  I'll blog more regularly.  I think I can, I think I can.

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  1. congrats on being unemployed. enjoy your time as a mommy of two! are one brave woman to want to attempt a natural birth. i think i am glad i had no option here in ttown. not that i am a big fan of csections....but, i don't think i'd like the alternative either. and your girls are freaking adorable!