Monday, January 30, 2012


1.  I love being pregnant.  Not every part of it, by any means, but I love feeling that little pumpkin make his nest at night time.  The squirms and kicks and rolls.  What a gift.

2.  Having a cold sucks.  But, when you're a mom, being the only one in your family with that cold is both a miracle and makes it not so bad.  Stay well, little ladies.

3.  Kate hugs.  Like both arms around your neck, head on your shoulder, and squeezes - hugs.  Delicious.

4.  We have been having dance parties everyday.  All it takes is asking, "Wanna dance?", and Kate has her game face on.  She drops anything she has in her hands, gets in athletic stance (knees bent, elbows at 90, butt out), and either sways or bounces.  Lauren can multi-task and dance...maybe she dances with a doll, or dances while sitting looking at a book...and she also has more moves - turns, booty shakes, in addition to the sways and bounces.  (I cannot for the life of me get the video to load - blog friends, help!)

5.  I took the girls to the park last week to play with some friends.  They got to get on the big play structure for the first time!  But, the momma had to get on the play structure too.  There were tunnels and slides and rock walls involved.  I didn't get stuck anywhere, but to no stretch of the imagination was it pretty.  Shudder.

6.  The friend I refer to in #5 is an "old" friend with a sweet little boy who calls the girls "friends".  So cute.  However, she is not the "friend" that I met in the park and am waiting on to call me.  Still waiting.  I try not to dwell, but it stings a little.  I hope she didn't see me crawl through the tunnel, it would have sealed my fate.

7.  Some days it seems all I do is pick up and clean...and at the end of the day, I still have a dirty house.  Whatev.

8.  I got to hang out with another "old" friend and her husband on Sunday.  I finally met their sweet little peanut!  Made me anxious to have a baby boy in the house - so sweet.  But, it also scared me..I was kinda counting on the, "It'll be easier the second time around 'cause we just did this and we'll remember how" thing.  Uh, maybe not.  I think you're only as good as the stage your in RIGHT NOW.  Work history may not count for much in parenting - yikes!!!

9.  It's 7:49.  I'm ready for bed.

Nighty, night,

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