Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sweet Goodness!

Remember yesterday when I said I had nothing to talk about?  Remind me to never say that again!!!  Ever.

Today was daddy-day.  I work for a bit, Dan hangs out with the girls, and if he's lucky gets some down time to catch up on some emails or reading, etc.  Well, today he thought the girls were doing just fine...they were quiet and leaving him alone (a Momma will remind you this means DANGER).  He was sitting in the kitchen with his back to the pantry when something caught his attention....was it a ghost?!  No, it was a baby covered in powdered sugar.

EVERYTHING was covered in powdered sugar!  No picture would do it justice.  I came home thirty minutes later to a cloud still hanging in the air, the sweet taste of baby domination lingering, and two very happy little girls.  And one crazy cleaning daddy.

Have you ever tried to vacuum powdered sugar?  Sweep with a broom?  Wipe with a wet cloth?  What's a momma to do?  Leave it.  Take the sources of the cloud (the babes) to the bath, and pray it goes away while you're upstairs.  Daddy, of course, had to rush to work.

Man to man bath duty can be a challenge.  The bath is not so hard, but the drying, corralling, diapering, dressing part can make you feel like an octopus.  They were both de-sugared, Kate was out of the bath and dry, and I made the rookie mistake of letting her go while I got Lauren out of the bath.  Kate proceeded to walk into the hall, pee a puddle, back up a little, start running, and slide through the pee (on accident, we don't have an athlete on our hands here.)  So, I burrito-ed Lauren so tight she couldn't escape, left her on the bathroom floor, and picked up the screaming Kate.  And what does the concerned, caring, loving mom do...baptize that child right back in the tub cause I didn't want pee on me!!!  Finally, they were all dry, all diapered, all dressed, all down for a nap.

The sugar fairies must not deal with clean-up.  It was all still there.  I've conquered it, but everything is a bit sticky now.  And shiny.

If you find me lying in the kitchen, licking the floor, don't mind me.  I'm just repeating again and again to myself...."Never say you have nothing to talk about, never say you have nothing to talk about...."

Sugar High,

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