Monday, January 9, 2012

For All Intents and Purposes

I'm am 31.  I am overly educated.  I learned about a month ago that it's "for all intents and purposes" instead of "for all intensive purposes".  Whatev.  I know a guy who learned at age 28 that it's "chest of drawers" instead of "Chester drawers".  We all have one...

It's the second week of this new year!  I haven't told you about Christmas or New Year's or anything cool.  I'm sorry.  I think I'm finally finding my stride in this new year.  There's something good about fresh starts, isn't there?

I've never been much on resolutions.  I feel that they are usually cliche (at least mine) and a good way for Jenny Craig and Defined Fitness to make a lot of cash the first month of the year.  But, I've read a lot about resolutions this year, and feel the need to join the masses.  Sort of.

My resolution is a catch-all, an umbrella, a vague and huge undertaking.  I'm stealing this from my blog friend Emily over at The Anderson Crew.  My goal and resolution is to be more intentional. 

I can move on cruise control very easily.  One day can look very much like the last.  The cast doesn't change (praise God), and I begin to follow my own agenda and forget to be aware of my surroundings.  I've confessed before that my day is dominated by an arbitrary schedule and to-do list.  It warrants confessing again. 

I have a sweet husband who does more than most to help with the babes, show he loves me, provide, help with the house.  And I've come to expect it rather than appreciate it.  I am not intentional in being a good wife.  Resolution.

I have two sweet little girls who put on a show for my entertainment everyday.  And sometimes I choose to watch Friends re-runs over their heads or read blogs or see what a college acquaintance had for lunch on Facebook or put away laundry instead of watching the show.  This became a very literal example last week when I put on a mind numbing, and annoying Baby Einstein movie for them, then sat down on the couch, pulled them both onto my shrinking lap and sat there for the whole 25 minutes and watched.  I watched them, I watched Baby Einstein...I have NEVER done that before.  If that movie holds their attention for 20 minutes, I use those 20 minutes to pick up, or fold laundry, return calls.  Did you know that they wanted me to watch it?  They looked up at me to make sure I was watching and smiled and laughed and pointed at the screen to make sure I had seen the same awesomeness that they had!  And at the end of the day, all the same stuff got done.  And if it hadn't, it would have been there the next.  Resolution.

I used to be a best friend whore.  I had more best friends than one girl deserved.  I still have all the same sweet girlfriends, but I don't do anything to contribute to the friendships anymore.  I love sending cards, I love chatting on the phone, I love knowing more than the highlights of my friends life.  But I haven't and I don't.  Resolution.

I love Jesus, but I don't tell him everyday or always live reflecting that.  Resolution.
I value health, but I cut corners and make excuses.  Resolution.
I love my family and hate living so far away, but I don't tell them very often.  Resolution.

It's a little heavy for the first blog of the year.  But it's been on my heart, and hopefully you'll notice a difference in me and it will be handy to know why I'm different.

I'll lighten up tomorrow.

 Maybe we'll talk about 2 little girls and their wagon.

Or hairstyles...

Here's to fresh starts!

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  1. chester great resolution. and btw...i love that you refer to emily as your friend....i think of jami nato as mine...though my guess is the feeling isn't mutual!!! hope you are feeling great.