Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wordy Wednesday.

We met new friends at the park yesterday!  I haven't made a new friend in like 15 years.  Yes, I've enjoyed when a patient or acquaintance has morphed into a friend.  I've even become friends with friends of other friends.  But yesterday, I met a stranger, met her 15 month old twin girls and her mom and sister, had a real conversation, laughed, watched our girls play, then gave her my phone number so that we could have play dates again.  BUT.  I didn't have my phone, so I didn't get her number.  I gave her my number but she hasn't called or texted yet.  Why hasn't she called or texted?  Do you think I liked her more than she liked me?  Do you think she has a lot of other friends and wasn't as needy as I am to make new ones?  Does she know other twin girls the exact same age and therefore not absolutely LOVE the idea of watching four little girls play together?  Do you think she liked me, but her sister didn't, and therefore, her sister talked her out of calling me?  Or, do you think it's been less than 24 hours and I need to cool it...and be oh so grateful that I'm not still in the dating scene?????  I have a brain cramp.

Hope it's not genetic,

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  1. i really can't imagine anyone not wanting to be your friend...especially with those two cute kids of yours. hope you are feeling great.