Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Trying Not To Encourage Such Things

Deary, deary, dear, dear me.

This one, she makes me shoot things out of my nose, or pee a little, ev-er-y-DAY.  Seriously.

Dan and I were practicing introductions with the girls on the back porch last night.  How to make eye contact and speak up when spoken to...How to shake hands...How to say, "Hi, my name is Momma, it's nice to meet you Daddy."

Well, Kate jumped right on board.  She was riding in her car and I bet she made 49 laps, stopping at both Dan and me to shake hands and say, "Was nice to meetcha!"  Presh.

I had the genius idea to spring their last name on them...sometimes Lauren calls Kate, KateLean (Kate Elene), but for the most part, I really didn't think they even knew of the concept of more than one name per person.  

I got Kate's attention and made a big deal about it.  "Kate!  Did you know you have TWO names? (Holding up my fingers for '2').  She was so excited!!  "Two names, Momma?"  

"Yip, your name is Kate (hold up #1) 

Prince (making that 'one' 'two' with my fingers)."  Oh, she was pumped!!

She said her name over and over, each time holding up her little fingers.

We moved on...someone needed something, or we went in, or whatever.  At least half and hour later, Kate came up to me.  "Momma, this one is Prince, right?"

(sequence re-enacted)

Smear her on a cracker with a spoon and give me a bite.  Goodness!


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