Monday, April 8, 2013


We eat at home almost exclusively.  Some of the reasons are to save money, to eat more healthily, and the biggest - because it's a nightmare to eat out with three kids, two and under.

I enjoy cooking.  I am blessed with a houseful of non picky, good eaters, and that makes me fearless to try new things.  (That, and if it's terrible, there's always cereal.)  I also very much prefer cooking to baking because it affords me the option to 'wing' it.  I like having a few basic techniques and principles under my belt and then just going with what's in the house or what looks best at the store.  My cooking style will drive many crazy, but in case there are some out there like me who like to throw together something unique and call it dinner, I thought I'd share.

Greek Meatloaf:
(inspired by a recipe Amanda told me about)
(all amounts are approximate, I do not get out a measuring cup!)
1 lb hamburger
1 egg
6 oz feta
1/4 c kalamata olives, chopped
1/4 c roasted red peppers, chopped
1 clove garlic, minced
1 c frozen spinach
dried oregano
dried parsley

Mix together everything with your hands.  Turn out into a baking dish and form into a loaf (this gives three crispy, browned sides not achieved by an actual loaf pan).  Bake 35-45 minutes at 375.

I was not a fan of meatloaf growing up.  I still don't care for the traditional ketchup-y version.  But, we all love this one and it has inspired me to try other add ins.

Mexican - Sub feta for pepper jack, olives and peppers for corn and beans.  Add green chile, omit oregano.
Italian - Sub feta for mozarella and parmesan.  Sub kalamata and peppers for black olives and mushrooms.

I serve the Greek with taboule salad (boxed from Near East on the beans and rice aisle) and tzatziki sauce.

Tzatziki Sauce

1 c Greek yogurt
1/4 c chopped cucumber
1/4 c fresh dill
lemon juice
garlic powder

Mix together.

A recipe author, I am not!  In fact, I had a little flash back to Kindergarten!!  We made a 'cookbook' by dictating our favorite recipes to the teacher - there were things like bake at 600 degrees for 3 hours, add 7 cups of chocolate chips, etc.  Sorry that sharing these recipes felt a little like that!  If nothing else, I hope you are encouraged to try something new - and to cook at home!

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