Thursday, August 30, 2012

From 30,000 Feet

Here is a fly-by to catch up a little.  I want to blog, I do...but I also want to sleep and unpack and meet new friends and hang out with old friends and not have pee all over my house (read on...).  I'll find a routine SOON!

*We are moved!  We are basically settled in to our Edmond rent house.  Upon arriving, both Dan and I had a moment of "What have we done!?!".  Not because of the move, but because of the house.  Empty, slightly dirty, not lived in for months houses are pause worthy.  We decided it would just be extra motivation to work hard and be ready to buy a house soon.  Now that we are unpacked, clean, and semi-settled in, we are completely content.  It is larger than our ABQ rent house and in PERFECT location to the new office and the parts of town that we will need to frequent.  Also a super plus, all hard surface flooring!!  Rental carpet plus toddlers is gross.

*We are potty training the girls.  Well, the plan was to do both, but Lauren is just not ready.  She took the move harder, has been more fragile, and just didn't embrace the potty.  Day one was of the longest days of my life.  Day two, Kate had one accident and Lauren about broke her face smiling when I asked her if she wanted to put a diaper back on.  Day three, today, I would say (in a whisper, while knocking on wood, and spelling out the big words) that Kate is p-o-t-t-y  t-r-a-i-n-e-d (except at night, I just don't have it in me to change sheets in the middle of the night and she has never woken up dry).  And Lauren is happy.  She cheers for Kate, doesn't seem in the LEAST jealous of us making a big deal about her going potty or her big girl panties, and smiles every time we put a diaper back on her.  One less baby in diapers....huge victory!!

*Two tiny potty training stories.
1) I wish you could see how fearless they are with one another.  While one is on the potty, the other is all up in her business.  Trying to look and see what's going on, pushing her to the side to see if anything is in the potty yet, getting hands way too close to places....YIKES!!
2) Never leave a naked child on a potty.  OOPS!  Today, Kate was sitting on her potty chair in the living room (Why the living room instead of the bathroom, you ask?  Well, because she has to sit there A LOT AND FOR A LONG TIME, and there are two other babies to take care of.  I'm not nursing Jack while sitting on the floor next to the toilet.  Yip, this week I have weighed decisions like this: is it grosser to have a baby sitting on the potty (usually not going) in the kitchen, or is it grosser to nurse a baby while sitting WAY close to a real potty.  Never in my life....).  Anywho...Kate was thinking about trying to maybe pee when the phone rang.  And I left the room to answer it.  And when I came back two little girls and the insert into the potty chair were missing.  And there were little drips of liquid across the floor.  And there was giggling coming from the bathroom.  Heart Stopped.  Don't worry, they were just dumping it in and flushing it.  And Lauren was just there cheering her on.  And.....I'm grateful that it's laminate flooring.

*We learned two things about Jack on the move here.  1) He hates his car seat and is not afraid to say it.  2)  He is not a fan of bottle feeding.  We left our kids with Dodie and Pop in Laverne on Saturday to come to the city and unpack and settle a little before they brought them to us on Sunday.  We were away from them about 24 hours.  Jack ate 4 times.  When his preferred milk dispenser is nearby, he still eats about every 2-3 hours.  Poor baby.  Poor Dodie and Pop!

*Jack has had some super firsts this week.

He is sitting up in his bumbo!

He gets to swing!  Due to the interference of his older sisters this was not possible in the ABQ house.  There is room in HIS room now, and we can shut the door and swing in peace! 

*We are just where we are supposed to be.  There is a LOT of scary in this transition.  But there is a lot of provision, and peace, and expectation of the good that is to come!

Our new office!  Open Oct 1 (hopefully!!!!)

Love from OK,

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  1. Hi Erin and Dr Dan and cutest little kiddos! Glad you made it to Oklahoma and are getting settled! Best wishes and love from New Mexico, those new patients of yours sure are lucky!
    The Maples