Friday, August 17, 2012

The Big Girl Who Cried Wolf

When Dan and I were first dating, we would sit in my living room and dream.  We would talk about our chiropractic lives and where we might be in 5, 10, 20 years.  Dan would throw out hair brained ideas like moving to Costa Rica and practicing family, no attachments.  I would match his boldness and throw out ideas like opening our own practice as 'you know, business partners, or maybe more, if you want'. My hair brained ideas came with lots of kids and living close to my family.  Well, folks, I can be both very persuasive and equally persistent.

The Prince family will be moving to Edmond, OK one week from today!  We will be opening our own practice, Prince Chiropractic Wellness Center, on October 1!  

The crying wolf part comes in in that I have talked about moving back 'home' for as long as I've lived away.  I'm a Momma's girl.  And a Daddy's girl.  And a hands-on aunt.  And, (maybe sadly given that I've been away from Oklahoma for over ten years) most of my best friends are in Oklahoma.  People would ask when we were going to move closer to home and I would say "Soon!"...and I've been saying "Soon!" for at least 4 years!

It has taken longer than we hoped.  Some things haven't gone as smoothly as we would have liked...bad time to sell our house, surprise timing with baby Jack, etc.  Overall, though, we have seen the hand of God move through this process.  We've seen his protection from bad decisions being made too hastily, in how some things worked out with perfect timing, in how much we needed little Jack - even though we didn't know we were ready.

There has been lots of planning and praying and fighting and redo-ing and apologizing going on in this house. We are ready.  We are excited for our Oklahoma life to begin!

(I have the CUTEST video of Kate saying "Go Pokes!" that I cannot get posted.  So sad...know that she rearranges the consonants everytime...."Bo Cokes!", "Ko Bokes!", "Po Gokes!".  Totally adorable.)

And now, so I'll never forget the three months when a 12x12 room served three purposes:

Command Central for Planning the Move

Jack's Nursery

Our Bedroom

The Okie Momma!!!!

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