Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Dan and I have accountabilibuddies for everything...our walk with the Lord, working out, being good parents, chiropractic, etc.  I have decided that my blog is sucking (for lack of a better word) because I have no accountabilibuddy!  SO...all of you, or Mom if you happen to be the only person who reads this, will now be my buddies.

Blogs needed to catch up with all I need to tell you:
1. Ugh...Part 2 (aka: Every Mother's Middle Name)
2. The Little Big Boy Girl Who Cried Wolf
3. Truce
4. Book Report
5. Red River
6. Working Girl

Yip, those are all blogs that are mostly complete in my brain and haven't made it to my fingers to make it to the world wide interweb.  You know why???  Well, that's easy.  I know of five websites to visit.  Period.  I sit down at night with the thought of doing a blog and it goes something like this:

www.theprincehouse.blogspot.com: to read all my friends recent blogs
www.thepioneerwoman.com: to sign up for any giveaways
www.wellsfargo.com: to see if I need to rearrange moooolah as to not overdraft any of our accounts
www.facebook.com: to catch up on current events (heeheehee)
www.pinterest.com: and then I never move passed that website.  I sit and pin things that I'll probably never do/own/make/wear.

And then I'm so tired that I tell myself I'll blog tomorrow.  So, friends....you are my buddy now.  6 blogs in the next two weeks or else....I don't know, ban me from pinterest!?!?!?

Sometimes having a sister is sweet.

Sometimes, not so much.

I cut Kate's bangs.  I have curly hair, I knew better.  Big mistake, big...huge.

This is their morning ritual...breakfast inside then reading, chatting, and drinks on the patio.

I got nothin'.  They're weird.

Kate is the master mimic-er of late.

Eat. Her. With. A. Spoon.

I don't have time to blog, but I certainly make time to accessorize them ridiculously.  Lu was so not impressed.  Bug thought it was aahhhsssshhhhum (awesome)!

I do love me some Jack-E-Poo.  He is more fun everyday...yet still the least photographed of my children.


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  1. omg these pics are presh. love kate with dan. sooo adorable. and the pics on the porch and in the pool...well all of them really. best thing i have found with blogging is being able to schedule posts. sit down, write them all and schedule them to post on the days you want. that way you don't have to find multiple days to blog. good luck! i am looking forward to reading all of them.