Friday, February 10, 2012

The Happiest Sickness

My bestie and her baby got to come play last weekend!!  They arrived on Friday night and were to play all day Saturday and Sunday and then leave early Monday morning.  We had a blast over the weekend!  We went to the park, we played with all the toys in this house, we compared words and signs, and just generally got to hang out!

Then Monday morning came and we sadly headed to the airport.  Kendall was a little whiny in the car on the way to the airport, but we chalked it up to an early morning and change in normal routine.  Amanda had to do diaper maintenance in the car as we dropped them off, and then we left them.  I got a call about an hour later from a none-to-happy momma in the airport bathroom with a sick little boy.  I'll spare you the details, but his tummy hurt.

The girls and I loaded back up and went to pick them up...and then they got to stay until Wednesday morning!!!!  (He was still sick Tuesday morning and it was just more than either of us could imagine to attempt to fly with a baby with tummy troubles.) 

We didn't do a thing, and it was awesome!!  Between three babies, two different nap and food schedules, and the tummy bug, we stayed close to home and in our comfy clothes!!  It was the longest the two of us had gotten to hang out since B.C. (before children) and maybe even longer than that.  It's never good when a baby is sick, but since it was never severe and fairly short was the happiest little sickness ever!

Oh, and by the way, I'm calling the dynamics to their relationship now - Kendall and Lauren will get into all kinds of trouble together through the years, and Kate will have done her best to boss them into her plan or else just ignore their shenanigans.  Presh.


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  1. glad everyone is feeling better...and glad you got some bonus time with amanda! love the pics